ABU Team SIX wins CISCO National Championship

Directorate news
Directorate news

In a recent national contest of creative minds in modern technology, organized by CISCO in partnership with Hackerthon, ABU TEAM SIX won the National Championship for building the most creative and user-friendly device that harnesses multiple functions in combating some of the daunting challenges of the Federal Road Safety Corps in Nigeria.

The journey to the victory began when the ABU Director of Network Infrastructure Security (NIS) brought together a team comprising a student programmer, networker, maker and documentation expert to explore technological interests in Internet of Things (IoT), popularly known as Internet of Everything.

Armed with the knowledge of building an IoT related device, the ABU Team, after listening to a lecture on the challenges of road health from the perspective of the FRSC, came up with the device concept that immediately solves six of the problems of road users.

On the first day of the contest, which had to do with idea creation, the ABU Team came up with the concept that harnessed six key areas of need. The first aspect had to do with the human challenge: Driving Under Influence (DUI): in lieu of using a breath laser to ascertain the blood sugar level of drunk drivers, the young technologists opted for a test that would determine the mental alacrity of a driver. Once the driver fails the test, their car fails to start so they do not ply the highway in that state of mind. The second feature factors in the environmental factor, then the area on road health in times of accident with a GPRS to easily report events on the road for necessary action, cumulative speed check since a driver should rest for a while after driving for five hours for menial mechanical checks, report of real time speed movement of vehicles so they do not exceed the speed limit designated for them, then lastly the mechanical aspect which ensures that every car is serviced after every 10,000 hours of driving, for which a driver is informed via a text message or an email. With these features factored into the device, Team ABU came up with a device called SIX, named after the six areas covered in the device.

Out of the six universities that made it to the national contest, Team ABU carried the day as they emerged as the National Champions. Each member of Team ABU went home with a gold medal alongside exclusive souvenirs from CISCO National.

Responding to the breathtaking effort of the team, the judges noted that the victory went to Team ABU in view of their rare creativity and technical intelligence in inventing a device that is simple yet meeting multiple functions.

The device is so far one of the finest milestones of local technology in combating the myriad accidents on our roads, keeping vehicles in good health condition, ensuring adherence to the ethics of road use and above all, easing the work of the Federal Roads Safety Corps.

In a grand reception organized by the Directorate of University Advancement (DUA), to honour the effort of Team Six, the Director of DUA, Prof. Adamu Ahmed, in his remarks, thanked the management team of the University for providing an enabling environment for productive research and learning. Responding, the Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Ibrahim Garba, expressed his happiness and immense gratitude to the award recipients. He assured the winners that the university will in its effort to consolidate the giant stride, harness investors from far and wide to enable the further implementation and use of their novel idea in order that it fulfils the purpose for which it was intended. The event, which was elegantly chaired by the Chairman of ABU Governing Council, AVM Mouktar Mohammed (Wazirin Dutse), was graced by dignitaries within and outside the university.