Lecturers Tasked to be Innovative in Research to Make ABU Visible to The World

Participants of a one-day colloquium organised by the Ahmadu Bello University Directorate of Research and Innovation have called for stronger partnership among faculties to ensure quality research outcome, while stressing the urgent need for University team of researchers to localise the research concepts and foci for the benefit of social and immediate needs of the community.

They also tasked the Research Directorate to produce programme roadmap for all departments with the aim of sensitising them on the areas of conducting research to focus on solving societal problems, highlighting that politics must be separated from quality research for it to be effective.

They pointed out that for universities researches to be effectively utilised by the larger society, there must be an interface between the universities and industries to make the research outcome marketable.

Speaking at the occasion, the Director, Directorate of Research and Innovation, Professor Tanimu Abubakar, said that, knowledge production had become increasingly what constituted the Universitys research focus, noting however that, developing internal capacity for most research and the creation of a deep sense of competition is what was needed to make the research outcome visible.

The Research Director challenged the academics to be ready and face the challenge of the profession, saying, lecturers are who make the society a better place through serving as role models to the younger generations.

Professor Abubakar decried the low ranking which Ahmadu Bello University often got from the ranking bodies, and urged the forum to look both inwards and outwards to come up with solution to such issues that would make the University visible to the outside world through the production of quality research output.

According to him, innovation was key to teaching and learning. Lecturers impart positively when they became innovative in the mode of their teaching delivering, thereby, bringing about transformation that would lead to a more productive postgraduate.

Commenting on the topic, the Director, Centre for Energy Research and Training, Dr. Ahmed Yusuf, commended the Research Directorate for taken the giant strides to reposition the research focus of the University. He equally appealed to the academics to wake up to their responsibilities of producing credible research that could stand out.

He further said that, proper integration across the different disciplines as well as full access to outside research works would aid the University to gain more visibility among its peers in Nigeria and outside the Country as well.

In his presentation titled "Research Focus in ABU and Challenges", Professor Muhammad Nasiru outlined four basic impediments to quality research work, which include, the motivation for the research, absence of a clear cut university research plan, quality of postgraduate students and the research output they produce and lack of quality time for innovative thinking.

He went on to say that proper training mechanism had to be put in place for the postgraduate students as well as the creation of a university research policy unit to oversee research proposal development, research structure and to also identify competent researchers with innovative ideas.

Speaking also, a Professor of Local Government Study, Adejo Udom, in a paper titled, "Towards a Result-based Management Plan for Research in ABU", emphasised the need for a research to be able solve a problem for the society, and that it must be monitored and evaluated. According to him, research must shift from the traditional to modern and be result orientated.

Professor Udom stated that the efforts of the research must result in finding a solution to a problem, saying, any research which could not generate outcome and impact could only be classified as traditional.

On his part, Professor Jibril Baba Yakubu of the Department of Chemical Engineering, spoke on &quuot;Catalysis Research and Innovation at ABU". He noted that the current status of catalysis in Ahmadu Bello University is commendable. He said that, however, the University required to put in place a stronger research policy as well as equipment and adequate manpower to manage the research facilities, while adding that certain performance indicators must be put in place to ensure the research visibility.

Professor Yakubu urged for the establishment of research groups, refocusing of research areas and provision of adequate facilities, while appealing to the University to make its website contents up-to-date, since its dynamic nature would be very vital if its contents were updated regularly.