University Needs

  • The student hostels in both campuses of the university are being in use for about 45 years
  • The current bed occupancy is about 14,000 distributed as follows:
  • Undergraduates: 11,000
  • Postgraduate: 3,000
  • Student population: 45,137
  • 36,390 (Undergraduates)
  • 8,747 (Postgraduates)
  • At the moment the University is barely accommodating about 30% of the students on campus.
  • There is increased demand for on campus accommodation by students.
  • The hostels are dilapidated from old age and overuse.
  • University is unable to restore the healthy state of the hostels due to lack of resources (only 22% of the hostels could be renovated in the last 5 years (5 out of 22 hostels).


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